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A complete digital phased array solution in a probe

The iProbePA is an complete digital ultrasonic phased array solution in a probe. No need for large, expensive, heavy instruments. Simply connect the iProbePA to a Laptop or Tablet via USB and start performing inspections using the incredibly powerful UltraPhase software.

No larger than a conventional phased array probe, the iProbePA is available with a range of frequencies, elements, pitch and elevation. Hi-Spec also supplies a complete range of matching wedges for virtually every application.


  • 32 or 64 Element Probes
  • Rugged and reliable 4 pin connector for power and data
  • Operating temperature range -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • Single or multiple probe operation
  • Sub-Sea iProbePA available
  • Cable length on standard USB up to 10m
  • Second connector for encoder
  • Extend up to 100m by connecting to the UltraHub
  • Compatible with our intuitive UltraPhase touch screen software
iProbe Digital Phased Array Probe

iProbePA Phased Array Kit

Hi-Spec iProbe Phased Array Kit


Included in the kit:

  1. iProbePA Phased Array System (32 or 64 element)
  2. USB to Lemo Cable (any length up to 10m)
  3. Certificate of ownership
  4. Wedge Screws
  5. 55° Wedge
  6. 0° Wedge
  7. UltraPhase Software USB Stick
  8. UltraClamp Encoder