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Zylglo® ZR-10B Hydrophilic Emulsifier by Magnaflux®

Zyglo® ZR-10E Hydrophilic Emulsifier

ZR-10E provides significant advantages over other emulsifiers, including less fluorescent background on rough surfaces, reduced bleed-out from hollow parts, and lower emulsifier consumption.

ZR-10E is a Method D hydrophilic emulsifier with innovative and environmentally-friendly surfactant technology to provide the same great performance of ZR-10B with a more eco-safe, sustainable formula. Switching to ZR-10E will help users stay ahead of evolving environmental regulations and requirements. ZR-10E has all the same approvals as ZR-10B and is listed on QPL-AMS-2644.

Specifications Compliance: AMS-2644, ASTM E 1417, MIL-STD-271, Boeing PS-21202, AECL, MIL-STD-2132, Honeywell EMS 52309, AMS 2647, ASME B & PV Code, Sec. V, General Electric P3TF2, Pratt & Whitney, ASTM E 165, General Electric P50YP107

Applications: Automobile Parts, Off-Road Equipment, Farm Equipment, Welds, Castings, Forgings, Leak Testing, Pressure Vessels, Aircraft, Marine, Construction, Maintenance, Petroleum Pipelines, Power Plant Inspections, General Metalwork.

Classification:Method D Hydrophilic Emulsifier

Part Number and Container Size:

  • 01-3625-40: 5 Gallon Pail
  • 01-3625-30: 20 Gallon Drum
  • 01-3625-45: 55 gallon drum
  • (Product Data Sheet) Date: June 2015
    Product SDS Revised September 5 2015 Version 1.0