Mag Equipment Accessories

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Cables and Accessory Items for Portable Magnetic Insepctions


MA-7000 Individual Prods

MA-7001 Dual Horizontal Prod Assembly

MA-7STC Replacement Prod Tip (Copper)

MA-7STA Replacement Prod Tip (Aluminum)

MA-7003 Braided Contact Clamp

MA-7EC4/0 Either End Connector (Replacement)
has a nut on the back to hold cable in place

MA-7EB 4/0 Either End Connector Rubber Boot

MA-7EL4/0 Either End to Lug Adapter

MA-7RC Remote Switch Assembly (20′)for DA-750 and DA-1500

MA-7FC Remote Foot Switch Cable (20') for DA-750 and DA-1500

MC-1540 15' 4/0 Cable Set (2) with lug to either end connectors

MC-1541 15' 4/0 Cable Set (2) with either ends connectors

TR-100 Transport Truck for Power Packs (DA-750 and DA-1500)