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DP-40 Solvent Removable (Non-Water Wash), Post Emulsifiable Penetrant

DP-40 is used to locate cracks, laps, pores, lack of bonding, and similar surface flaws in any insoluble, nonporous substance including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, ceramics, glass and many plastics. Referred to as the "visible dye penetrant"" method or "color contrast" method inspection

Complies with low sulfur and low halogen requirements.

Specifications: SAE AMS 2644 & QPL, MIL-I-25135 Revisions C, D, & E ASME Code NDT, Sec V

Classification: Type 2, Method B, C or D

Temperature: 40°F to 125°F (0-50°C)

Chemical Properties:

Color: Red
Viscosity: 5.76 cSt @ 100°F
Flash Point: 230°F (110°C)
Boiling Point: 44°F (226°C)
Odor: Petroleum Odor


Container Size:

  • 16 fl. oz. aerosols (case of 9)
  • 1 gallon
  • 5 gallon pail
  • 55 gallon drum
  • (Product Data Sheet)
    Aerosol Product SDS Revised May 1 2015
    Bulk Product SDS Revised May 28 2015