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EV6500 UV LED lamp with built-in white light LEDs

The EV6500 is a hand-held, portable LED UV lamp with built-in white light LEDs for non-destructive testing applications like fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections.

Designed with broad-beam profile for in-line and hand-held use, the EV6500 will decrease inspection time by improving indication visibility with 7,000 ?W/cm2 high intensity UV-A illumination and the widest coverage area in its class.

EV6000 LED Blacklight by Magnaflux®

See more with the EV6000 UV LED lamp

This nondestructive testing lamp´s wide beam allows for shorter inspections and faster results. With a beam 33% wider than a generic UV light, the EV6000 helps you examine parts quickly and safely. The lamp´s 9-inch (23 cm) beam is remarkably even, with little visible light. The EV6000 is durable, easy to grip and exceptionally safe to use.

Magnaflux UV-A and White Light Meters

UV-A and White Light Meters

Conveniently and accurately measure black light and visible white light with Magnaflux light meters. Magnaflux portable digital black light and white (visible) light meters provide accurate readouts of black (microwatts/cm2) and white (foot candles and lux) light intensity.