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TG 100D Digital Thickness Gauge with 4 Preset Materials

The ALL NEW TG100D may well be the simplest thickness gage you have used.

There no menus.. All functions are all direct access... Simply turn it on, select the general material type from the direct access keypad, ZERO the instrument and go. If you don't need the full feature set of an instrument like the TG110, this would be the instrument to consider. You give nothing up in measurement performance but you have the simplicity A kit INCLUDES... the TG100D, a (TG 505) 5 MHz x .25 Diameter, Potted Cable Transducer.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Material Presets
  • No menus
  • Probe, cable, case included
Dual Element:
Can only use double element probes
Material Presets:
Velocity pre-configured for common materials
Auto Zero:
Can automatically zero thickness
Variable Units:
Change between mm/ inch
Adjustable Velocity:
Velocity can be adjusted
Designed for handheld use
Auto Probe Recognition:
Automatically recognizes probe type