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Electromagnetic Acoustic Thickness Gauge, no couplant needed

A major advantage of this new technology ​is the absence of a permanent magnet in the EMA transducers.

This negates the strong adhesion of the transducer to the surface of objects made of ferromagnetic steel.
The operator is now able to scan the object being inspected in the same manner
used with traditional couplant based ultrasonics​ except​.​..... No Couplant Needed!


  • Range of the measurable thickness values is from .024" to 2.0" (0.6 to > 50 mm).
  • Gauge is user selectable in inches or metric values
  • Quick access to control functions.
  • Parameters of the selected transducer can be adjusted using an integrated calibration sample.
  • Automatic determination of ultrasonic velocity on the object of known thickness.
  • Pre-installed database of transverse velocities of the basic materials suitable for adding more velocity values.
  • Non–volatile memory can store 50,000 digital measurement results and 4,000 A-Scans.
  • Large daylight readable color TFT display.
  • Changeability of image orientation when the instrument is rotated by 90 degrees (Portrait to Landscape).
  • Instrument backlighting control.
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Continuous work time is 9 hours with battery indicator.
  • Sound, light and vibro – indication.
  • Indication discreteness of thickness measurement is .00039" of .0039" (0.01 or 0.1 mm).
  • Data transfer to PC via USB.
  • Software to receive data from the instrument and save them into the PC.