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Echo FD

ECHO FD is our portable ultrasonic flaw detector in the same field-proven case as our popular ECHO series. Our ECHO FD represents a breakthrough in terms of cost, size and ease of use for your everyday flaw detector. ECHO FD can even toggle from a flaw detector, corrosion or precision thickness gage making it the smallest and most affordable unit in the world to offer such a vast application set.

Our new hand-held ultrasonic flaw detector is packed with many useful and practical features including:


  • 3.5″ sunlight readable display with color pallet
  • Change color and vibrate on alarm
  • 2 independent gates
  • DAC Feature
  • AWS Feature
  • API-5UE Feature
  • Peak Memory
  • 2GB expandable to 32GB of micro sd card memory
  • Data logger including b-scan and export of reading to excel
  • 13 hour battery life
  • Custom rubber boot with padded wrist strap and bail
  • Made and designed in USA

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