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A/C Magnetic Particle Yokes

P-2 Series Contour Probes

The Instrument that does so much, so well If you do any work with ferrous metals.... in the shipyard, aerospace, steel mill, foundry, weldments or vehicle overhaul... you need the performance advantage of the P-2 Contour Probe.
The ergonomic, light-weight design is extremely comfortable and reduces stress on the operator. This new style allows for an excellent grip in a variety of testing conditions.

B-100 Contour Probe

The instrument that does so much, so well. If you do any work with ferrous metals, shipyard, aerospace??steel mill, foundry, weldments or vehicle overhaul, you need the performance advantage of the B-100 Contour Probe.
Wide Versatility, Mechanically, the B-100 Probe will conform to practically any surface configuration. Strong, constant AC fields or high intensity pulsed DC fields, using the DC-300 power supply.

B-300MR Contour Probe

The B300-MR contains electronic circuitry that is sealed within the instruments housing. The external push button switch magnetically activates the power circuit from the outside.

There is no electrical contact between the switch and internal circuit. This instrument is ideally suited for high moisture areas.

B-300 Contour Probe

The B-300 Contour Probe is a lightweight (7 1/2 pounds), Magnetic Inspection Yoke designed to perform Magnetic Particle inspections quickly and reliably.As with the other popular Parker Probes the B-300 has fully adjustable legs which allow the strong AC field to be applied directly to the precise area to be inspected, regardless of part size or mass.

B 310 Contour Probes

The B-310 Contour Probe is a lightweight (6 lbs.) Magnetic Inspection Yoke designed to perform magnetic particle inspections quickly and reliably, and with greater versatility. The overall length of the unit is only 7.25".
The B-310 Mini Contour Probe provides great flexibility and reduced size.

Permanent Magnetic Yoke Set

PM 50 Kit "A", Permanent Magnetic Yoke Set with Kit "A" Items, Yoke sold separately also.
For magnetic particle inspection applications (where applicable) certified for 50 lbs. weight-lift test.

  • PM-50 Permanent Magnetic Yoke Set
  • Plastic carrying case
  • PB-1 Powder Applicator
  • 1 lb each of red and gray dry inspection powder

BAC-310 Battery / Inverter

BAC-310 Battery/Inverter Power Supply: A.C. yoke inspection at remote worksites with no outside power source, no generator.

Contour Probe Kits

Parker Research Yoke / Probe Kits now come in 2 different style cases one is Steel and the other is a Super tuff plastic material.
There are two different style of Kits. The Kit "A" contains the basic items that are needed to perform Visible Inspections. The Kit "AB" is the same as the Kit "A", plus a aerosol can of fluorescent particles and a small Black light