Ernst, Brinell Shear Pin Hardness Tester

Ernst Shear Pin Example

Ernst Shear Pin Kit


The ERNST STE-B calibrated pin system replaces the impact bar system giving a greater versatility and high accuracy.
The indentations can be made very quickly even by an unskilled operator.
The indentation can be read immediately, or at a later time by an inspector.
Due to the fact that with the calibrated pin system only one reading of the indentation on the piece is necessary, error possibilities are cut by 50% compared to the impact bar system.
The comparison errors are eliminated and the resulting accuracy is comparable to the bench hardness testers.

Ernst Shear Pins

Shear Pins

Ernst, Calibrated Shear Pins, pack of 250
The Ernst Shear Pins are also available with certification paperwork at an extra cost,and they would have to be "Specially ordered"

Ernst Penetrator

Shear Pin Penetrator

Ernst, Shear Pen 001 STD, Regular Indentor for operating in Brinell 100-500 hardness range
Ernst, Shear Pen 002 Carbide, Carbide Indentor for operating in Brinell 300-730 hardness range

Ernst Indenter / Penetrator Holder for Impact Testing

Ernst, Replacement Indenter / Penetrator Holder for Impact Testing

Ernst Penetrator Holder Cylinder

Ernst, Replacement Cylinder that Indenter / Penetrator Holder fits into

Ernst Replacement Pin RemovalTool

Ernst, Replacement Pin Removal Tool

Ernst, Replacement 8x Eyepiece, Microscope

Ernst, Replacement 8X Eyepiece

Ernst, Static Pin Tester

Ernst, Static Portable Pin Hardness Tester (STE-A)