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EHC-09 Wave

Danatronics most popular thickness gages are those in our EHC-09 series. With thousands of units in the field, our durable, custom molded case with raise rubber keypad is IP54 rated and has proven it can handle your toughest jobs. The EHC-09 series is available in several models to suit every budget and application. What's best is our simple upgrade path where all gages are capable of quickly and easily (directly from the keypad) adding any software options. Features include a graphic display with multiple languages, vibrate on alarm, fast minimum, echo to echo to ignore coatings, 100K reading Datalogger with export to excel, B-scan and live A-scan with waveform adjust.

EHC-09 Features:

  • Live Simultaneous Waveform and Thickness Display
  • Vibration on alarm
  • Control of Gain, Blanking, Range, RF and Rectify Modes
  • Available in Multiple Models
  • Sunlight Readable display
  • IP54 rated
  • 100k alphanumeric Data logger with file compare and export to Microsoft excel
  • B-Scan with optional magnetic wheel encoder
  • Made in USA
  • Illuminating keypad for easy to view go/no-go thickness values
  • 2 point calibration
  • Gain Boost
  • Multiple dual and single element transducer options including high temperature - up to 1000° F (537° C)

The EHC-09W´s A-Scan (Live Waveform) instruments include the full fleet of offered probes for the EHC-09 family. Echo to Echo to ignore coatings, vibrate on alarm, and fast minimum. Vibrate on alarm informs the user when a thickness is above or below a preset threshold by causing the gage to vibrate, making it ideal for loud working environments. Fast Minimum can make 20 readings per second as well as hold on to the minimum reading while simultaneously displaying the actual reading, gain adjust in low, standard and high in 3dB settings, velocity mode to use the gage as a velocimeter as well as hold and differential modes.

EHC-09W A-Scan Thickness Gauge
EHC-09W The EHC-09W combines a live waveform with all of the features of the EHC-09 family (no data logger). Additionally, it can adjust range, gain, blanks, and rectification.

EHC-09DLW This Data logger version is the top-of-the-line model, containing all the features of the EHC-09. It includes Echo to Echo, B-Scan, a 100,000 reading Data logger (36,000 waveforms) and a live waveform.
EHC-09DLW A-Scan Thickness Gauge

All of the above Instruments combine all the features of the EHC-09 family of Hand-Held Digital Ultrasonic thickness gauges with a live Waveform, Plastic Carrying Case, 2 Oz. bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, Instruction manual and DKS537, 5MHz x .375" diameter Transducer with potted cable, Echo to Echo and B-Scan. Added to the DL versions: 100,000 thickness readings via internal data logger, including Data XL interface program to export saved readings to p.c. (excel), USB cable USB-09-6, plus the carrying pouch on the DL Versions

EHC-09 Family Product Data Sheet